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Dare To Dream


Many men quit. Creates lonely wives. Glad someone told me to date Karen. Even when we were having kids, lots of them, we managed to get away for a walk. One rule: no talking business. Now it’s a bigger deal. I am careful about spending money. Dates are an exception. Out of 52 weeks we manage 46 dates on the average. Helps to keep the fire burning. One guy described his marriage as a hot bath–just keeps cooling off. Hey Pardner, ever heard of romance?


Champion her cause, even if it’s not yours. She needs your vote. Let her know you are for her. She wants affirmation more than advice. The more you support her the more she will support you. Marriage is not two people doing their own thing. If she doesn’t feel your support, she will quit talking. Not a good…

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Dare To Dream

More and more prophetic types are saying that revival is imminent. 225 pastors recently met in the Twin Cities to talk and pray about revival. They said the meeting felt like they may be walking through the door.

Revival is God’s business. We don’t serve it up; we respond to a God who causes the wind to blow. And yet we take part in the dance. God brings unity and we maintain it (Eph. 4:3), God engineers revival, but we steward it. Here’s an outlook I would recommend we consider as we walk into the Big One that is upon us.

Knowing the history of revival tells us that it includes some important ingredients, like prayer, but the shape it takes depends upon how the wind is blowing. 2015 looks different from 1905, and even the Jesus revival of the 1970s. The internet could be used to great advantage in…

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Obedience Brings Blessing

Riley Stephenson Evangelism Blog

ObedienceBlogChad went to our evangelism training one Friday night but was unable to go with our team on the next day’s Saturday outreach. But God still had outreach plans for Chad!

As Chad drove through the city on Saturday, he saw a man sitting on the side of the road. As he passed the man, the Lord asked him if he was going to put into practice what he had learned at the evangelism training the night before. Chad was a little nervous, because this was the first time he’d ever tried to lead anyone to Christ. But he immediately turned his vehicle around, parked, and got out to talk to the man.

This man had a case of beer by his side and a can of beer in his hand. Chad ministered to him using our pocket reference card, and the gentleman prayed to receive Jesus! As he…

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Greatness, Finale: The Triumph of Forgiveness

A Holistic Journey

Like a diamond, the attribute of greatness has so many faces its definition remains elusive. Thus far I have traced greatness along the lines of tenacity. I could go on to look at heroes who cope with severe disabilities or who have scaled Everest and run ultras that are four times the distance of a marathon. But I bring this series home with what I consider the most herculean of feats, to reach into the depths of one’s spirit in the costly act of forgiveness.

When someone injures us; mind, body, or spirit, it incites demand for justice. Parent, friend, or stranger has inflicted pain and must requite the wrong with contrition, if not suffering. The question that remains is what happens to the debt that goes unremitted. Someone must pay that debt and where the perpetrator has no plans to, the victim always absorbs the cost in one of…

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